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AskAround.meLooking for information near your location? Ask no further. is a solution that gives users the possibility to search for information about any area they want to learn about just by sending their questions to other members near their area. This online resource can be accurately described as a question-answers site for local communities.


Therefore, no matter what question you might have in order to find any location that is close to you, you can consider this solution as a real alternative. With you can ask a question to any user around a particular location and the system will immediately notify all the users in the area.

How this solution works? It uses advanced geolocation technologies that are provided by modern browsers with the intention to locate its members without human intervention. This site has a mobile version that was exclusively optimized for the iPhone (OS 3.0) and Android phones. The system automatically tracks users when they move to a different location. This site offers a tool that is simple but effective. aims to build the largest local database by asking users to share what they know with people around them. As a social network, it can bring together people in local communities. In Their Own Words

“ helps you connect to the people around your physical location. It’s simple: you send a question to people around you, and we will ask our members to answer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that helps people to get in touch faster and interact with others is attractive to them.

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Author : Paul Barker

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