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VisiKid.comHaving kids is a serious task. You already know that there are some websites that are great for them.


However, other sites can be harmful. In case you want to know exactly what and when your child is watching on the web this is the right site for you, as it provides a solution that will give you the peace of mind you need.

The system will check any site your kids have been watching, and it will tell you if they have been exposed to fun sites, sports games or pornography. It is important to know exactly why your kids are using the computer as well as for how long they do it. Computers are great and the internet is awesome but you need to teach your kids a sense of balance and control.

Visikid is just a small desktop application you can install in order to gather data about all visited websites as well as started applications. If you want to control if your child is safe while navigating through the Internet, Visikid is a site you should visit.

In addition to other services this site gives both parents and children the opportunity to verify common results. Visikid keeps you kids safe from any online harmful content in a simple and positive way. In Their Own Words

“Visikid lets parents control, whether the child is safe in the Internet. Instead of blocking and forbidding, the application is teaching the responsibility and obeying the rules.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be attractive to parents that want to keep their kids safe form harmful content.

Some Questions About

Is there any tutorial or educational material offered to parents and their children?


Author : Paul Barker

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