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TripMashUps.comTripMashUps is a tool that you can use in order to plan a trip at no cost whatsoever. You can use it on order to learn about routes and points of interest, and once you have created a route you will be able to share it with mostly anybody – the system integrates with Facebook by default, and all of your friends there can be kept fully in the loop when it comes to where you have been, what you have done and who you have met.


Of course, you can use pictures in order to get the point across better – it would take you about three hundred words to describe the sky in Ireland, and the act of uploading just a photo will convey the idea instantly.

Creating the actual itinerary does not entail mastering any kind of application – the interface is entirely intuitive, and as long as you can slide the mouse from one end of the table to the other you will be able to do it. And if you are reading this that means you can do it already. In Their Own Words

“TripMashUps is a free trip planner tool to plan your trip on the map, show your route, points of interest, upload photos and write your trip journal. Connect to TripMashups with your Facebook account and start adding your trip.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that it integrates with Facebook gives it a much broader appeal.

Some Questions About

Can you add videos to the itinerary as well?


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