– Schedule & Plan Ahead

TomsPlanner.comIf managing a project is about to send you over the cuckoo’s nest, this web-based tool might just be the helping hand you need. Essentially, it is an application that will let you create Gantt charts in order to make any task become clearer and better displayed, and then share them with the people who are a part of your team.

The data itself is handled in a drag & drop fashion, and integration with other applications is thankfully provided – the schedules can be exported to MS Project.

The main asset of this tool might as well be its simplicity, as you just have to sit through a three-minute tutorial in order to get going. And (as it was mentioned above) it is all based on your browser – there is no need to install anything.

In addition to being a simple tool to use, Tom’s Planner is entirely free during the current beta period. If you want to give it a try, nothing will stand in your way. Just locate your browser at the address which is provided and get acquainted with it. In Their Own Words

“Tom’s Planner, allows you to create and share Gantt Charts online with “drag and drop” sim- plicity. It has great ease of use and gives control back to the project manager. Watch the quick tutorial or play around with Tom’s Planner for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you need a hand when it comes to self-organizing yourself, this will do – it is free, fast and uncomplicated.

Some Questions About

Are the schedules printer-friendly?