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Slamdot.comWeb-hosting provider aims to take the headaches out of web-hosting. For one thing, all your tools and account details are all managed from a central web application which isn’t complicated in the least.


Other nifty features include: integrated billing, support and domain management, the ability to multi-manage all your hosting plans, and Rails integration. From the Dashboard, you can manage all of your billing and account information, get support, and see all of your hosting plans. While managing a hosting plan, you’ll find tabs for easy navigation; each tab has subcategories for further web management. There’s a welcome screen which indicates bandwidth and disk space usage along with the info you need to access your files etc. There are several plans available: for $11 a month, the Personal option gives you up to three websites, ten MySQL databases, ten email accounts, fifty subdomains and a host of other features. There are also a number of advanced features like Perl Modules, FastCGI and Cron Jobs management. Overall, Slamdot is user-friendly, navigation doesn’t give you fits, and it’s reliable. In Their Own Words

“Slamdot takes the pain out of web hosting. Your account, billing, help desk, hosting control panel, and domain name management are all integrated into one dead-simple, web-based tool. That means you only need to remember one username and one password for everything!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Slamdot gets kudos for usability. It’s also flexible, whether you want to set up your own blog or if you’re looking to manage multiple sites, Slamdot has top-grade hardware and an extensive help site. They are reasonably priced. They’re secure (they use state of the art servers—SoftLayer, in Texas—and they have automated backups).

Some Questions About

How much of a learning curve is there to figure out Slamdot? Will novice bloggers and business find it suited to their purposes?


Author : Siri Marshall

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