search cancel – Search Marketing Made Simple provides marketers and site managers with a robust toolset for managing their search engine optimization efforts from one centralized location.


This solution stands as a cost-effective way of implementing a successful search marketing campaign, as the software provides the customer with insight as regards his site performance in any keyword category while offering link strategy recommendations.

As the site rightly points out, this solution caters for different sections of the public. Marketers benefit from having access to the same data search that professionals use without having to pay the same cost they have to pay, whereas agencies can provide their clients with search optimization services at just a fraction of the price. For its part, webmasters are given the tools for competing with already-established online giants.

Another aspect that merits mentioning is the featured SEOiQ algorithm, which can let you know how your site fares against the competition by displaying its current rank.

A “Free Trial” link is provided for you to try SEOi beforehand, while a product tour is also prominently featured and it can be taken anytime to have a better appreciation of the provided suite and its features. In Their Own Words

“SEOintelligence is the easy, cost-effective way to implement a successful search marketing campaign. Our industry-leading hosted software solution provides you with regularly-updated insights into your site’s performance in any keyword category, and offers code and link strategy recommendations to drive your site to the top.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The provided suite empowers everyone from search engine marketing professionals to bloggers and “prosumer” publishers by providing access to insights into their sites’ performance on Google, Yahoo, and other key search engines and online indices.

Some Questions About

What features are planned for future revisions?


Author : Bruce Turner

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