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QRBlaster.comYou know, creating a QR code shouldn’t be that difficult. I mean, what’s there to it to make it a confusing or lengthy process? These sites that let you have QR codes generated only after you have answered lots of questions and tweaked with lots of options miss the boat completely. And (what’s even worse) some of them even charge you a fee for each code that you want to create.


Thankfully, for each one of these sites that makes thing hard for you there’s one that’s right on target, and that lets you get things done fast and freely. QRBlaster is one such site. It lets you have as many QR codes as you need generated. It’s all done by following an easy four-step process, and at no point are you charged anything.

This four step process involves: 1) Selecting what the QR code will be attached to, 2) Typing down its actual content, 3) Choosing the code’s color, and 4) Picking the distribution option that applies. These include everything from having the code printed and sent by email, to having it put on stuff like shirts and baseball caps.

And that will be it. Your phone-readable 2D barcode will be previewed, and if you like what you’re getting you can have it instantly created, and put to its intended use. In Their Own Words

Generate printable QR mobile phone-readable 2D barcodes containing a website URL, an email address, a phone number, a pre-formatted SMS message or just plain text to use as paper prints.

Some Questions About

Can these QR codes be read by just every mobile phone that’s got a camera?


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