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Kafafa.comIn case you want to build your own website but do not have website design skills this site can be a good option for you to consider. offers you the possibility to build a free website without having any web design knowledge. If you enter Kafafa you can sign up for free and start building a site.


On this site you will first learn how to create a website and then you will start building your personal site. Notice that the site offers an online flash website builder that uses drag-and-drop technology. Therefore, if you want to create an easy website you can stop by

Would you like to know how to create a website? Do you want to have your own site for free? In that case, feel free to visit and use the online website builder to start creating a flash website for free. Stop by to build your personal website for free. In Their Own Words

“Before now, Putting a site up on the web required a lot of extra hassle and technical skill. When you strip away all that unnecessary baggage, you get Kafafa, the simplest and fastest web creation service the Internet has to offer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that the sites which you can create through Kafafa are absolutely free from ads makes it all more appealing to the average user. It means that his site will be kept as pure and accessible as he envisioned it to begin with.

Some Questions About

Isn’t the 50 MB limit too constricting?


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