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FunTweet.itThere are many web-based tools that let you see what is happening on Twitter at any given moment. Figuring out which topics are trending is never difficult, as long as you bear in mind that trending topics change by the hour and that any “fresh” information you come across won’t remain like that for long.


If there is one thing that characterizes these trend analyzers, now, it is that they are not really striking from a visual point of view. They just provide a string of numbers and texts for you to weigh up. And there are people who are looking for something more lively. This site will suit them just fine.

Basically, here you can key in any relevant concept to be presented with a concatenation of (big) images that showcase these trending topics. Of course, the visual edge of the site comes at the expense of not packing a phenomenal amount of data. Here you will get the most basic information about these topics that are making waves, if only because the format (big images) does not lend itself to displaying an endless amount of information on the same page. In Their Own Words

“See what’s happening – right now in Pictures.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into having a more lively approach to Twitter trends and hot topics this will do.

Some Questions About

Is this the first site of its kind?


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