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Feedicons.comFeedIcons is a site that provides the now familiar standard feed icons designed by the Mozilla Foundation free of charge to anyone. The feed icon is available for general use in connection with web feeds using open web syndication formats and without the need to enter into a trademark license agreement just to use them.


Anyone who creates and distributes programs that have a purpose of reading or manipulating web feeds or provide a similar online service can download the icons for free. There is also a deluxe package available for free on the site which enables you to download the same icon but with many other colors other than the standard orange we have all become so familiar with. In Their Own Words

“Feed Icons is the home of the standard web feed icon. Choose from a standard pack or our colour pack.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great service being provided to developers and bloggers who want to distribute their content via a feed and associate it with the now ubiquitous Mozilla feed icon. The intention of the site does not appear to be to make money, rather to help developers by providing a valuable service—by that criteria they are already a killer.

Some Questions About

Will they use this platform to distribute other free icons that add to the general good of things?


Author : Caroline Bright

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