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Edicy.comBuilding a good looking website isn’t for everyone. With all the new programming tools that are popping up daily, a beginner will not know where to start.


Luckily for them, there is This not so simple yet easy to use site will allow anyone with basic computer user knowledge to quickly put together a decent looking site. The many website design tools allow you to customize the templates to a great extent. The Designs section has a information on the many templates the site offers you to build your website on. Just drag and drop elements on it, and you’ll be able to easily customize it. The interface has some similarities to the Blogger one, so if you are used to updating your blog through Blogger you should not have a problem with this site. Those who are new to the concept of websites should take a quick read through the FAQs section. There, you’ll find all the help you need in order to get the hang of the site building tools. In Their Own Words

“Create a fresh site with great design and web hosting on any domain in seconds. It’s seamless, all in one and unprecedentedly easy to use. Oh, and it’s free too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since it is really easy to use, this should appeal to people who have always wanted to have a site but have been drawn off by the complexity of HTML programming.

Some Questions About

Isn’t the tool selection a little lacking? Won’t users get tired of it as they learn more about web design?


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