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DivVoted.comThere’s a lot of web design talent out there that goes unappreciated if it flies under the mainstream radar. However, if you have a Twitter account, you can help draw more attention to sites you feel deserve some recognition using a new YoDiv Twitter tool called DivVoted.


DivVoted lets you post your favorite sites (in terms of design, layout, framework, etc) across Twitter so that others may appreciate them as well. To use DivVoted, simply log in to your Twitter account, find a site you like, and post it to your Twitter account in the following format: @DivVoted You can also check out what other sites other DivVoted users are Twittering about; DivVoted features a member gallery where you can browse others’ profiles and see which sites they’ve voted for. In Their Own Words

“Divvoted lets you vote for your favourite sites with Twitter. Great for showing off your latest designs, or checking out other peoples votes for inspiration”

Why It Might Be A Killer

DivVoted makes it easy to share your favorite websites as well as check out what other people appreciate. It’s simple enough to use if you’ve already got a Twitter account and you can directly access the top 10 sites of the day, week, and all time via DivVoted’s home page (look for the gallery on the bottom left).

Some Questions About

The site itself can be somewhat annoying to navigate; text boxes are obscured by a large island popout that even when minimized still interferes with navigation and visibility. It’s not clear how many people would actually use a Twitter app like this versus actually going to a site like Skout and posting their favorite sites and checking out others’ favorites simultaneously.


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