search cancel – Monitoring Social Media a nutshell, Dialogix is a new tool for monitoring and analysing brand conversations in social media. No sound businessman would neglect the power such media has in the current world, and the potential leads it could redound to.


As such, a tool that shows exactly what is being said on the spot is invaluable. Through such a solution, it is possible to know everything about any campaign that is being carried out, where it is yielding results, and where it is missing the mark.

The tracking process itself includes creating a database of key influencers and the ability to track sentiment, so as to stay on top of the buzz should things be going favourably. Obviously, you can always see what is being said about your competition and act in consequence. They can always do the same, though. Actually, that is what makes the whole process interesting to begin with – seeing how each one can outplay the opposition.

You can create an account on the site and choose from three different packages. Countries from all over the world are accounted for (the company hails from Australia), and in case you want to know more you can either take the provided tour or try Dialogix for free – or both. In Their Own Words

“Dialogix is a social media monitoring tool that shows you exactly what is being said about your brand, industry and competitors in Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, news websites, forums, MySpace, Facebook and much more. Track sentiment, create a database of key influencers and then keep on top of the buzz.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Social media calls the shots nowadays. This service will let any business owner quickly realize how effective the campaigns which he is carrying out are, how to improve them and what the competition is up to.

Some Questions About

How can I find out which package will be the right one for me?


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