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Congregar.comIn the words of its creator, “Congregar makes it easy to pick the best date for your event by asking participants to indicate their availability form the options you offer”. Such an application is implemented in a very straightforward manner, too, as there is no need to register beforehand nor pay any fees for using the site.


A poll for organizational purposes is created in the following manner. First of all, you have to furnish your name and your e-mail address. This is important because these will be shown to participants. Then, you have to supply a title for the event alongside a succinct description. Finally, you have to pick the corresponding dates using the featured calendar. Participants will then be able to choose from the options you provided.

An option for previewing the event poll is also part of the premises, and it can be used to double-check the information you intend participants to have access to. In Their Own Words

“Congregar makes it easy to pick the best date for your event, by asking participants to indicate their availability from the options you offer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for arranging events in a smooth fashion.

Some Questions About

How could the site be improved? Is there any vital feature missing?


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