– Letting Students & Teachers Connect

Class.ioA startup that has originated in Honduras, enables teachers who have Google Apps accounts to put them to the benefit of their students. Essentially, teachers who sign up for can begin using Google Calendar and Google Docs in the management of their classrooms. They become capable of sharing information with their students in a direct way – class activities that are added to their calendars will become viewable by all the students, and any documentation that has to do with these activities is instantly shared. And if students happen to have any doubts, then they can ask their teachers for guidance. The whole conversation will be kept in the same page.

Additionally, Facebook support is provided. The idea is the same as described above when talking about Google Apps – students are notified about activities connected with their classes, and they can interact both among themselves and with their teachers. And (again), everything is kept centralized. Any classmate that visits the page knows exactly what has been going on recently. In Their Own Words is the easiest way to add course management features to your school?s existing Google Apps service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an application makes for a much larger degree of communication between teachers and their students.

Some Questions About

Which schools are already using this extensively? How widespread can it turn out to be?