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Board800.comBoard800 can be termed an online whiteboard application that can be employed for collaborating with friends and colleagues in a pictorial fashion. That is, on the site people can make drawings in a shared space which is also updated in real time.


This can be employed for tutoring, prototyping, brainstorming and similar tasks that require collective thinking.

This application is free to begin with, but paid a version does exist and it will give you the opportunity of deploying the app in a server of you own. The price changes according to the actual number of domains you will be able to employ.

On the whole, this tool seems to resemble a substitute for the paintbrush application that comes with Windows, and that we all have tried at least once in our lifetimes when boredom called. I don’t necessarily think that the majority of users will find it a suitable tool for collaborating since it is all a bit elemental. But it can be used in (specific) cases such as brainstorming, and the results will be not bad at all. In Their Own Words

“An interactive multi-user whiteboard application. Use it for tutoring, collaborative live training, brainstorming, prototyping.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes brainstorming with workforce that is distributed a very supple task.

Some Questions About

What are the main advantages of deploying it in your servers? Are these that significant?


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