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Avatara.comIf you sat through a test that dealt with addiction to social networks, how do you think you would fare? Would you pass it with flying colors, or would you sit in your room all night sulking because the results are not really something you feel comfortable with? Or would you stand proud and tall if you knew you were utterly immersed in the world of Facebook, Orkut and Co.? If the last option defines the way you feel, you will put this site to fantastic use.


In principle, it will let you come up with the most complex avatars around. These avatars are so complex because they are rendered in 3D. The creation process takes some time, even though the process in itself is not what you would call tricky. You have to set down the physical appearance of the Avatar almost lineament by lineament. The good thing about this is that the finished character will look like your spiting image, and it will surely beat these (by now commonplace) flat avatars that make everybody look like sisters and brothers.

These avatars are deployable to more than 30 different social sites, too, so no matter where it is you socialize online this tool will let you have your way. In Their Own Words

“Create a true 3D avatar for your social network presence.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a way to have an avatar which is a cut above the rest, this is it.

Some Questions About

Will some premium services be featured later on?


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