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AboutOne.comWe can define About One as a family management system that can be used to store and access both household information and memories. In either case, people who use this web application will be able to access such data on the spot, and have it shared with whomever they need.


A service such as this one might make an actual difference in the event there is an accident – the user will be able to have all the medical information related to any member of his family displayed and shown to the paramedics that are in attendance.

Also, About One will let those who have to look after the household upload all the hard copy paperwork, receipts and forms that they have to deal with, and access them far more easily in the future.

On the other hand, data such as images and photos can actually be used to create scrapbooks and even magazine-like publications that can be readily shared. These are sure to bring a smile to the lips of family members who are located far away. And the fact that new photos can be added to the scrapbook the moment they are taken (by sending them to the user’s account) is a definitive plus. In Their Own Words

“AboutOne is an online family management system with a touch of magic. It is one place that is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. In just seconds you can store, secure, and manage what matters most: precious memories and household information.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

About One will let any responsible person look after his family in a way that is as easy as it is effective.

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