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Turbanizer.comHave you ever wondered what you look like in a turban? I know that’s not the most common of questions, but you should take a look at


This site allows anyone with a suitable picture to upload it and see how they look with a turban on. The most attractive feature of the site is that once you upload your picture and “turbanize” it, you’ll be able ot share it thorugh Facebook or Flickr. This will allow you to share what you look like with a turban with all your online friends. This gives the site a new level of depth. As you’ll be able to upload all of your profile pictures and turbanize them. You can see what others who have used the site look like with a turban. This allows you to get a fell for what ind of picture you need to make the turban look good on your head. In Their Own Words

“By simply following the steps online, the users are able to upload their pictures (or snap one using their webcam) and choose from the multitude of turbans online and place the perfect one to fit their personal style. After which, they can download the picture and send them to their friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since this service is available as an application on Facebook, it is sure to grow more and more popular as people start to “turbanize” their friends.

Some Questions About

Why the 2mb upload limit? Does the “turbanization” take too long?


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