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MusicKO.comEvery now and then I come across an online resource that truly catches my fancy, and that I know I will be coming back to for a long time. This is what has happened today with this newly-launched blog.


MusicKO must be one of the most passionate and well-researched informational resources about music that I have seen in a long time.

In principle, the blog includes album reviews by rock and roll bands, but some other genres like country do have a room of their own. These reviews are very well structured and a very distinctive balance is achieved between matter-of-fact information (release date, label, personnel, chart performance) and personal opinion (given mostly at the end of the reviews).

Now, I am an incredibly huge Who fan. I know their story from front to back. And I had never learned that Hendrix’s favorite Who song was “Happy Jack”. That information was included on MusicKO and I checked with some older friends whose knowledge of music is encyclopedic. They confirmed that “Happy Jack” was indeed Jimi’s favorite Who song. So the blogger has been doing his homework admirably well.

In addition to these generally excellent album reviews, the blog features coverage on music-related startups, in a clear bid to provide readers with a comprehensive take on the industry as it stands today. There is also an “Interviews” section which has just been added to the blog.

The one and only thing I would like to request the blogger is that his reviews feature even more opinion and personal appreciations. I am definitely looking forwards to the articles he says he is publishing studying individual composers and their approach to writing lyrics. In Their Own Words

“This blog is solely devoted to music. I do not have an incredibly big music collection, but I know it from front to back. My tastes include British music and some American and Canadian acts. I am very fond of country music, for example. But I dare say Britain is where my heart lies. I hope to create a space where we all can convene and discuss what makes these bands special, and what their songs mean to us.

I am not a musician myself, but I am a lyricist. I have been writing both in English and in Spanish for about ten years now, and I might post some of my lyrics here once we get to know each other. I might also post some songs of the bands I am currently working with in my home soil.

Finally, I am also going to review sites that I think could make any musician’s life easier or more enjoyable.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an incredibly comprehensive resource, and one whose execution speaks of great passion and genuine love for music.

Some Questions About

Which categories are going to be added to the blog soon?


Author : Roger Hollings

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