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TravelFiend.comThe perfect site to check before packing your bags and heading off anywhere, TravelFriend will let you know about the coolest places in the world both when you are sitting in front of your computer, and when you are on the go – the provided mobile app will see to that.


The TravelFriend website is made up off contributions that come from people who have been somewhere and want to share the experience with everybody else, or by people who actually live somewhere and who feel like sharing all the best things about their hometowns with the rest of the world.

The idea is the same in both cases: letting people know what makes any place unique. And that is achieved quite easily since all the posts that are contributed can be accompanied by images to make things stick clearer in the minds of readers.

Besides, TravelFriend features a hotel search tool that will let you find accommodation at any city that you have read about on the site, and became entranced by. So, TravelFriend has got all it takes for a perfect vacation to be put together in no time at all. In Their Own Words

Talk about your travels.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will be just perfect for those who have yet to see the world – they will instantly know what to do in each major destination.

Some Questions About

Who monitors what is posted on the site?


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