search cancel – Make a Timeline of Your Life is a site that allows users to keep track of and share the dates and details of major events in their lives.


Users may search for their friends to either catch up on those friends’ updates or to send their own event information. Life events that can be posted and shared include births, graduations, and weddings. The site prides itself on its simplicity. Applied features of this tool are either basic, including no minimal time commitment, and the ability to message about private events, or premium, which allows users to customize and personalize their consecutive life events with details such as comparative graphs. In Their Own Words

“Lifehaps is about keeping up with significant life events. Quickly. Easily. Safely.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

LifeHap gives a twist to social networking by focusing on the important events in users’ lives. The site is also catchy and visually well-developed. However, basic how-to information is lacking, and users may be confused without a proper introduction and info on how to use the system and its features.

Some Questions About

What additional information can be added to explain this site? How can users learn how to utilize the site’s features? What tactics may be developed to introduce this site to new users?


Author : Bill Webb

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