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Wifis.orgI like this site for the simple reason that it’s got the power to take something which’s got a fixed role, and change it for good. lets you use your wifi network to make new friends. It lets you take it, and open it to all the people who are within range, so that they can talk to you. People who’ve just moved into your building, people who are about to board the same plane… you can get in touch with all of these in one fell swoop, and let them start talking to you as they would on other social sites. They’ll be provided with a contact form for breaking the ice, and introducing themselves.


This is a very novel way to approach wifi networks, as they are usually something that you want to keep to yourself. takes them in a new direction, as it turns them into a tool for making new connections. And in any case, enough measures are taken to ensure your privacy isn’t seriously compromised. For example, you can rename your network. So, your true identity can remain a secret until you feel comfortable-enough with the other person so as to disclose it. In Their Own Words

A contact form for your Wifi network.

Some Questions About

Will people trust in the service enough to end up opening their wifi networks?


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