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RealityWanted.comIt was initially started as a resource for all things reality TV related (because everyone wants to know who married whom, who got booted off, and who’s gonna be a star, right?). And now RealityWanted has been recast as a social network hooking up wanna be stars and letting them feed off their mutual mania for storming the spotlight.


The site brings these young hopefuls updates on casting calls, it dishes out the latest, dirtiest dirt on the most popular third rate celebs, and it keeps everyone on their toes with reality TV hijinks and gossip. Of course, all the regular networking staples are there: comments, ratings, recommendations, profiles, messaging, and friends. The site is heavy on the VH1, Big Brother stuff, but reality TV is a huge market—even PBS does it—so you’ll find plenty of diverse faces looking to make it big. You too can join the party for free. In Their Own Words

“Apply to and get cast in upcoming Reality TV shows with RealityWanted. Follow your favorite programs and discuss recent episodes with your friends. Get started now!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Reality TV, like it or not, is a huge industry. It piques your curiosity, it’s absorbing, fascinating and revolting all at the same time, which means it leaves you begging for more. RealityWanted provides the perfect fix, it’s a social network, gossip mill, and star maker all mashed up together.

Some Questions About

Do people really care about these reality tv personalities, so much that it warrants a site dedicated to them? Will the site offer these would be celebs tips for breaking through and advice as to when to call it quits?


Author : Siri Marshall

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