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Do you want to stay updated with the latest celebrity gossip? You just have to enter This is a blog that offers you varied news on celebrity scandals and celebrity gossip. The site includes lots of celebrity pictures, some of them quite compromising. Besides, on you can get access to forums to discuss on some celebrity news.

When it comes to getting scandalous information on music and movie stars, is an interesting site for you to visit. Many of the pictures posted on the site are ones which the stars certainly would not want to be seen by the general public, but hey, that’s great for us, the readers. Without abusing and causing a big harm to celebrities, we’ll all want to see how do they live, what parties they attend, what do they wear in the beach, and so on.

It’s been a long lasting debate in journalism whether if it’s right or wrong to inform so much about celebrities’ private live issues, such as relationship break-ups, family quarrels, or lawsuits. But stars and artists must be aware that it is that interest about their lives what allows them to charge high amounts of money when they work in the entertainment industry. Of course that some abuses also exist, but more often than not, the celebrities themselves are the ones who open the door for media attention and thus, for the people’s awareness about everything they do. Everyone enjoys to know about how the rich and famous live. That’s how it works, and it can’t be changed. You could as well try to stop the waves from breaking at the beach or the rain from stopping.

To enter the forums and participate or start new threads, you need to register and create your account for free. In Their Own Words

With more than 250,000 readers daily, has become the leading source of urban gossip on the internet. And the mainstream media is beginning to take notice.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s just an easy way to have fun. Not only you can look at hilarious pictures but also you can know all about celebrities’ gossip. Find out all their scandals. Look at the celebrities’ worst faces, moments, sayings, and not only their nice moments.

Some Questions About

Why will users prefer instead of looking at TV, magazines or radio stations? Do they work on getting breaking news often?


Author : Charly Zaks

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