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Bumpr.netBumpr is a new service that will let you aggregate all your social networking activity together. That is, Bumpr acts as a sort of centralized dashboard letting you update your status simultaneously across al the main social sites of the day. As a user of Bumpr, you are enabled to view and post multimedia content directly to your every social stream. And you are likewise empowered to search all the social sites that you are a registered member of in a unified way.


A tool like Bumpr is not merely a timesaver. It stands as the only way of truly staying on top of what is being said and shared on all these sites and services that you are partial to. If you try to do that all by yourself, you are bound to miss on a lot of things. It is a mere question of probability. Hence, a service like Bumpr is fully warranted.

You can easily sign up for an account on the site. All that will be asked of you are some basic particulars, and some contact information. You will be charged nothing for creating your account. In Their Own Words

Bumpr is a next-generation social networking platform that pulls your social and digital life together in one easy place.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Social Web is so frantic and ever-changing that something like this is the only way to remain abreast of all that is happening there.

Some Questions About

What makes this preferable over other sites that provide comparable services?


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