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Weddar.comThere is something that people from every corner of other world does almost systematically, as if it were a national occupation, and that is slagging weathermen off.


People in North America do it. People in South America do it. People in Europe do it. And I can swear that even people in the North Pole do it as well. It seems weathermen are too easy a target to miss.

So, it is only fair to shake things up a little and figure out how brilliant people would be if they were to act as weathermen themselves. That is what this site does: it lets every single one of us have his say when it comes to how the weather is turning out to be.

Weddar does away with aspects like humidity, temperature and wind intensity and lets users predict what the weather will shape itself based on the way they feel. Yes, that is it. Nothing scientific at all. People will get to say what they think the weather is going to be like, right as they are out and about in the city, or staring out of a window at work.

Weddar is presented as a mobile app that is actually hyper-local in approach. That might go some way into ensuring its accuracy. But if you ask me, it seems to me that now it will be the turn for weathermen to have a good laugh at those who used to put them down at every turn. In Their Own Words

Weddar is the new people powered weather service.

You can report how the weather feels, request weather reports and share it with friends.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is fresh-enough to make people give it a look at the very least.

Some Questions About

Will people stick to it? Or will the novelty wane pretty quickly?


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