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AppsTemplates.comSimply put, this site is a repository of templates for any designer of iPhone apps to use. The aim of a resource like this one is to empower these individuals to stop worrying about aesthetic issues and get down to the meat and potatoes of the app.


Using these templates all you have to do is add your text and your pictures, and that’s it. Your app will be instantly ready for mass consumption.

In order to use this service a one-time fee has to be paid. This fee will give you access to all the templates that are currently available, as well as to every single template that is added from now on. As of the time of writing this, that fee amounts to $ 50.

The templates that you can retrieve through the site look very professional, as it was only to be expected from a paid service. They can be used off the cuff, or you can edit them a little in case there is something that does not suit what you intend to transmit 100 %. In Their Own Words

“Web templates for iPhone apps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is valuable if only because it lets developers focus on the actual content of what they are doing, and get cosmetic aspects out of the way at once.

Some Questions About

Can members upload their own templates for others to use?


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