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Apture.comThe team at Apture believe that the web is the richest communication medium ever conceived but that it is still used to display flat pages connected by links to more flat pages. In order to change this, they have developed a rich communication platform that allows bloggers and website owners to turn their flat pages of text into compelling multimedia experiences.


Requiring only one line of code, Apture provides content creators with the power to search and incorporate relevant multimedia items directly into their pages. Once incorporated, readers can access these items without ever leaving the page and thereby receive a richer more meaningful experience on your page. Whether it be a YouTube video, Flickr photo or a Google Map, Apture provides the tools that enable all of this content to be seamlessly provided from your website. In Their Own Words

“Apture is paving the way toward a new era of the web, filled with incredible opportunities for communication and commerce that will have a significant impact on how we understand the world around us. Apture. The web isn’t flat anymore.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This platform should especially appeal to bloggers looking to provide a more dynamic offering to their readers since Apture allows them to provide various media enhancements to enrich the experience.

Some Questions About

Are they working on integrating more applications into their offering? How will Apture profit from this tool?


Author : Caroline Bright

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