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There’s So Much You Could Already Have Done By 8am

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The road to hell is a 20-lane superhighway without speed limits paved with neglected contacts.


It doesn’t take long before work races away from our control, does it? As a sick cat, newborn infant, and visiting parent have reminded me recently, life is pretty unmanageable to begin with. Add just one extra element to an already exploding workload, and the whole show falls apart.



Somewhere – in a hazard zone of open chats, unanswered emails, Skype and Slack boxes telling me that I have notes to read – are essential tasks and correspondence that I must attend to before I sink even more hopelessly behind. The view from the desk is one ugly, ugly mess.


8am is a online contact management tool that may just be able to rescue a responsible worker such as myself from work chaos and prevent future disasters. It’s an easy-to-use CRM tool that helps to manage contacts on time.


That 20-lane mess that seems unavoidable? 8am puts you back on the heavenly track by narrowing workflow down to 3 sensible lanes – contact view, calendar view, and a dashboard.



contact 8am




Zero in on the people and discussions most important by using the contact view. No digging around for personal details, no searching for the latest interactions, and no guessing as to what both past and future arrangements were made with each individual. It’s all right there in front of you (without overwhelming the eye), easy to find.


If you’re accustomed to Google tools, both the contact view and calendar will look familiar. Let’s face it: those are helpful tools that many people already use. This makes 8am simple to adopt. You don’t need to learn new skills to deploy 8am or to reconfigure your routine.


Using Google tools, however, springs traps. You can get sucked into emails unrelated to important tasks for days on end, or spend half your work hours just classifying your contacts and trying to remember in what groups/circles/whatever you had put them in.






With 8am, you avoid distractions and keep your eye on the people and business that matter most. Single and recurring events remain in plain view on the calendar (public or private), with no need for cumbersome filters or cross-checking information on a zillion different platforms.


One window into ongoings is sufficient, thank you very much. The 8am dashboard keeps recent contacts, latest notes and files, upcoming events and tasks all in one place. Organized, straight to the point, and clean. Labyrinths belong on miniature golf courses, not on our desktops as part of our workflow.


Keep things simple and don’t let contacts go by the wayside. While still in Beta, 8am is free to use. So bootstrapping entrepreneurs who need to stay focused and find the right tools on a tight budget, why not give it a try?


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