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62days.comVerily, 62 Days is an online marketplace with a difference. Basically, here you are allowed to sell items that you are willing to part ways with… for a limited amount of time. Anything that you sell through this site can be bought back after 62 days have elapsed, for the very same price that had originally been paid to you.

That is quite an original way to earn some quick dough, and no mistaking. If you think about it, that is the only positive thing that comes out of a recession – how people begin creating alternative ways to do mostly everything.

If you decide to use 62 Days, you must know that the transactions themselves are handled by way of direct payments, and that items are sent (and eventually delivered back) via FedEx. And you can actually get a free quote for anything that you are interested in selling by merely taking and sending the company an image of the item in question. In Their Own Words

Instant Cash for Free!

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are looking for a quick way to have some instant cash could hardly go wrong with something like this.

Some Questions About

Which fees are there to be paid when something is sold, and eventually returned?

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