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50 Minute MBA – Vinod Khosla Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Vinod Khosla is an absolute legend in the tech startup sphere. As a founding CEO of Sun Microsystems, he has gone on to be a general partner at giant venture capitalist firm KPCB, and in 2004 founded his on venture firm Khosla Ventures. He recently gave a talk at the 2012 CEO Summit in New Zealand that was truly inspiring.



Highlights from his talk at the CEO Summit include:

Keeping you eye on the “big, hairy audacious goal” and dare to be great – but always have a back-up plan.


Lower the cost of experiementation- Perform lots and lots of iterations to receive rapid feedback. This way you’ll experiement with many more ideas


Hiring the wrong people can be catasrophic- Spend 50% of  your time recruiting excellent people. In other words, hire people before you build a product.


Granted, the video is slow, and it doesn’t have fancy animations, but this video is by far all you need. I’ve watched it four times now and I’m going to continue non-stop for the rest of the day. Every time I listen to what he says, I learn something new.


This video should be a MUST  see for every Internet entrepreneur.


Lessons from years of screwing up – Vinod Khosla


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On Twitter, on Quora, and at Khosla Ventures.



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