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5 Emerging Recruitment Platforms Making a Difference in 2023

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The way that employers and those looking for jobs are crossing paths are changing. Gone are the days of “Help Wanted” signs and newspaper classified ads. Today, technology is front and center in the search for new jobs and new employees. The most obvious way this is felt is through the many recruitment platforms out there these days, each of which offers unique advantages in the search and hiring process. So let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Top 5 Emerging Recruitment Platforms of 2023

While you may be familiar with big-name sites like Indeed or LinkedIn, there are plenty of other alternatives as well. So where should both employers and job seekers alike be focusing their attention in the upcoming year? We’ve found these five up-and-coming choices that offer tremendous value for everyone involved.

1. Advantis Connect

One of the groups most needing help from recruitment tech and services is travel nurses. It’s a unique occupation that combines the highly skilled labor of registered nurses with a short-term gig structure that provides flexibility for both nurses and hospitals or other employers. Advantis Medical is the top service for those seeking travel nurse jobs, offering benefits like exclusive listings, housing assistance, and weekly direct deposit.

It’s also easy to use, with an online portal and mobile application making things simple. The entire job search process is streamlined with an easy search and filter function, along with transparent information on pay and other compensation. There are even personal Advantis Medical advocates available for those looking for a concierge search benefit.

2. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter aims to simplify and speed up the recruitment process by changing how job seekers and employers are brought together. The service uses an AI-powered “personal recruiter” to connect job applicants with positions that match their skills and experience. Rather than searching for that perfect job or employee, they’ll be matched with you automatically!

In addition, ZipRecruiter also offers more traditional job-searching capabilities for those who’d like to expand their parameters and apply with a single click! It also allows employers to simultaneously post their jobs on more than 100 different sites and job boards, as well as easily filter and group applicants. ZipRecruiter is easy to use as well, with a convenient website and mobile app that have been praised as among the best out there.

3. School Spring

Teachers and others looking for a job in education will love School Spring, a recruitment platform designed just for them. More than 100,000 education positions across the country are available to browse on the site, with simple-to-use filters allowing applicants to hone in on the perfect match.

Schools and other educational institutions can also conduct their own searches from a nationwide candidate pool, as well as syndicate their job posting to other popular sites like Indeed and Monster. Both job seekers and employers can set up automatic email alerts for particular types of positions or applicants, saving them valuable time combing through new listings each day. There’s simply no better place for teachers, support staff, administrators, and others looking for a job in the education world.

4. JobAdder

Those who do frequent hiring, like staffing agencies, recruitment firms, and others, will have their lives made a lot simpler by the JobAdder recruitment platform. It’s a full-featured applicant tracking system and customer relationship management software package. The goal is to keep all of your essential hiring pieces in one place. This customizable dashboard allows posting to more than 200 job boards and social media services, as well as tracking of applicants with notes and other items that follow them through the process.

JobAdder also allows recruiters to automate many of the simple, daily functions of their job. This leaves them more time for the things that really matter. Also, people praise it from the job applicant’s perspective. It provides a smooth process with easy communication.

5. Workable

Workable calls itself the “world’s leading recruiting software,” combining top-quality job posting, candidate evaluation, and hiring functions. In just minutes, recruiters can set up their accounts and get their positions posted to more than 200 job boards worldwide. AI-powered search tools also help zero in on the perfect candidates quickly.

Throughout the hiring process, Workable allows team members to collaboratively evaluate candidates all in one place. Mobile apps enable hiring to keep up on the go. While fast, global support is available to quickly resolve any questions or issues. Plus, recruiters can take advantage of expert advice from thousands of hiring templates and tutorials.

Bring the Job Search into the 21st Century With These Recruiting Platforms

No matter the industry or whether you’re an employer or would-be employee, one thing is clear. Recruitment platforms are changing the world of hiring for the better. Each of these services simplifies and speeds up the process. In addition, they ensure the best possible matches for both sides. While certain ones may be geared toward particular fields or occupations, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these top recruitment platforms.

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