4 Practical Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

reduce cart abandonment
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There isn’t an online retailer in the world that is not battling shopping cart abandonment. It’s a persistent problem that causes a great deal of frustration for online retailers but unfortunately, it is a common occurrence that cannot be completely eliminated. For the same reason that you walk into a regular store without buying anything, people will visit your online store, add products to the cart, and end up not buying them. Yet, there are practical ways to reduce this issue.

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 70% while mobile users abandon up to an incredible 85.65% of their intended purchases. This could happen because the customer was just clicking around for fun or out of sheer curiosity; they might not have had the necessary time to complete the purchase, or they might have browsed from their mobile phone and found the purchase too difficult to complete.

These statistics are worrying for online business owners, who are always doing their best to pique potential buyers’ interest and increase sales and revenues. Although it is natural for many customers to abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process, understanding why they did so might help your company lower shopping cart abandonment.

In the article below we share some of the most practical ways to reduce cart abandonment and encourage more visitors to complete their purchases.

Remove Extra Costs

By far the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment are the unexpected, additional costs that show up. By introducing, for example, free shipping, the number of abandoned shopping carts will decrease significantly, although at the same time it might mean a greater cost for you as a business owner. 

Free shipping is one of the best ways to encourage your customers to complete their purchases. In fact, a whopping 73% of customers are more likely to shop online if shipping is free and fast.

Simplify Website Navigation

If you want to see more customers completing their transactions, it is crucial to make your website user-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple to switch between the cart and store. The more complicated your website, the less likely customers are to buy the items in their shopping carts. Nowadays, people want to quickly add things to their carts and continue browsing the rest of the inventory.

Some online stores have made it possible for customers to check out directly from the product page. It reduced the number of clicks and page views required to complete a transaction. This is highly appreciated by buyers. For this reason, try to make it easy for your customers to add items to their carts and take them back to the checkout page when they’re ready to make their purchases.

Also, getting the visitor to create an account with you may seem enticing, but may result in lost sales and in failure to get return customers. So evaluate whether it is worth forcing the visitor to create an account on your page or whether allowing them to shop as guests make more sense.

Offer Payment Methods That Customers Trust

offer payment methods

There are a variety of ways to get paid online today. Many customers often like having different payment options available and even have a preference for a few specific ones. This is a great practical way to reduce cart abandonment. Payment security is a source of concern for many customers. So, being able to use their preferred payment method will increase their trust and loyalty. Customers want to feel safe giving out their credit card details and paying for something. Especially online where they don’t receive the item immediately.

As a result, it is a good idea to present at least two different payment methods. For example, card payments and invoices. Keep in mind that your presentation of the payment methods is at least as important as the methods themselves. It should be easy and frictionless to pay and allow them to review the payment so that any technical issues can be avoided.

Certain discrepancies during a purchasing process, like missing SSL certificates, design flaws, and outdated layouts may cause a customer to feel unsafe and abandon their shopping cart.

Provide Good Customer Support

Many customers perceive online stores as impersonal. They believe that in many cases there is a lack of communication. The customer is looking for something similar to human contact. From what we have previously read, we can understand that many doubts often arise in the process of a purchase. Customers want to feel secure, both during and after the purchase.

Many consumers also believe that they would feel more confident about their purchase if they received better advice and support so you can consider chatbots and live chats as a good way to maintain contact with consumers and address their concerns. If you fail to provide good customer support, it may prompt shoppers to abandon their shopping carts.

Final Thoughts

No matter how hard you try, you can’t control cart abandonment. However, there are some practical ways to reduce it. By minimizing fractions and making certain improvements, you can turn reluctant visitors into eager customers and boost sales.

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