How to submit? – Send Physical Letters Using The Internet

Self-touted as “your online post office”, 1hrmail is an Internet service that you can use to mail a real letter for just 99¢. In other words: it is a service that makes sending a physical letter something as easy as sending an electronic mail.

All you will have to do is fill in the content that you intend to send out along with the pertinent contact information using a supple interface for the letter to be ready and mailed within one hour. Letters are mailed Monday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm PST. And letters can be sent internationally, too. Extra postage will be charged according to the destination country, and (whenever possible) the letter will be sent via First Class mail.

In this way, those who use this system can keep in touch with loved ones without having to worry about buying stamps or having to wait in line at the post office any longer (not to mention making the actual trip there when the weather resembles a tropical storm). In Their Own Words

“Mail a real letter online for just 99¢.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a service like no other in the market.

Some Questions About

How much can sending the letter to a faraway country (IE, one located in Asia or South America) cost?

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