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What is Depreciation and How Does it Impact my Business?

Depreciation impacts your current year business profitability. How you handle depreciation and accumulated depreciation may be the difference between a big tax bill and a lesser one you hardly worry about.

The premise is simple. When you start feeling overwhelmed in your business, you can probably find things to delete (scrap all together), delegate (hand off to someone else) or automate (use software to help you).

Fly Your Emails To The You Know Where With MoonMail

High-powered tech and and earth-bound pricing thrust MoonMail to the forefront of professional email marketing.

Luvr Arms Cupid with Video to Shoot Romance Back into Mobile Dating

Similar features to popular social apps and smart use of video set mobile dating app Luvr apart from the lovelorn crowd.

Save Money Every Time You Pay With Mobile App CrayPay

CrayPay is a free, mobile payment platform that saves businesses and consumers money.

Vergify – Making Business Better With Simple But Powerful CRM Software

Vergify provides small business owners with the tools they need to grow business and manage clients.

Stop Sharing Data For Free And Get Paid Through Ourdata

Ourdata gives consumers the choice of blocking ads or getting paid for the monetization of their data.

Best Productivity Hack Ever? The Hangover Drink

With The Hangover Drink, the only thing you’ll forget about after a few drinks is how bad  your hangover used to feel.

Is Content Marketing the Marketing Strategy that your Business is Missing?

It is more of a long-term strategy that is based on building up a relationship with potential customers by giving them high quality and relevant content consistently.

Why Branding Your Invoices Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Bottom Line

Invoices are one of the most important documents for business owners. They ensure that you get paid for your goods or services. They’re used when it’s time to file your taxes. And, they can help boost your brand.