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How to Protect Your IP in a Cut-and-Paste World

We live in a copy and paste world. The accessibility and lack of policing of online content have made it all too easy for people to pirate others’ property.

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7 Simple Ways to Make Team Meetings Count

Team meetings play a traditional and sometimes obligatory role in office culture, but that doesn’t mean they’re appreciated.

What is the difference between a prototype and a minimum viable product (MVP)?

At first sight, the concepts of a prototype and minimum viable product seem...

Meaningful Motivation: What Actually Drives Employee Engagement

Managing employees is tricky. While our workers tell us money is the way to maximize productivity, results tell a different story. What do we believe?

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Latch Dating: The mobile dating app that takes online dating offline and in-person

With the rising popularity of dating apps, many people’s romantic...

Loogeenie: A better way to clean

Everyone knows the classic toilet brush: it’s simple, it’s cheap and it...

Increase Your Website Traffic With These 5 Tips

Every business has a website, but very few take full advantage of their online presence by actually driving traffic to the website. If you’re serious about growing your business in 2021 and beyond, you need a detailed traffic generation strategy that gives your website a fighting chance to be successful.