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GeekSpeakr.comNo, it’s not a guide to speaking geek, or an automatic geek translator. It’s not even a tech blog or podcast.


It’s actually something a bit more mundane and useful: a directory of technical women speakers. Generally, we think nerd equals male, something along the lines of Bill Gates or Urkel. However, there are indeed plentiful female geeks out there. They just hide it better. GeekSpeakr wants to make it easier for companies, workshops, and organizations, (who, most likely have diversity and political correctness on the mind), to find female technical writers. Women who can speak on technical terms simply register, and create a profile. You’ll be automatically listed in the GeekSpeakr directory. You can search by topic, location, or browse through the tag cloud. Feedback is welcome. In Their Own Words

“Many organisers of technical conferences, meetups, and dinners want to have more gender-balance in their lineups, but they don’t know where to find technical women speakers.
Enter, a simple directory and connections system to help technical women speakers and event organisers to find each other.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although still “very alpha” GeekSpeakr is a good, simple idea. It allows women technical speakers a space to be recognized for their skills and give them a chance to show what they can do.

Some Questions About

Will GeekSpeakr be a success? The list of female speakers so far is rather small. Will they add more features and widgets to make GeekSpeaker more accessible and user friendly?


Author : Bruce Turner

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