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Divorce360.comAlthough the vows, ‘For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part,’ are often pronounced with a genuine sense of deep seated sincerity, the sentiments are all too quickly abandoned. More than 1.


3 million couples divorce each year. And although there are myriads of relationship therapy type sites, and even more online dating services, the market is ripe for a site dealing with the end of wedded bliss. This is where Divorce360 comes in. Divorce 360 delves into all aspects of splitting up—starting with how to serve your unloved one papers, to how to cope with the aftermath. The site is split up into time based sections: Deciding, Beginning, Process, Ongoing, and Moving On. Each section has separate subcategories for legal, financial, emotional and custody issues. You’ll also find expert Q&A’s, community advice, budget calculators, a glossary, journals, and state resources. All content is free to users. In Their Own Words

“ Approximately 1.3 million couples divorce each year. was created to help people contemplating, going through or recovering from divorce. Our goal is to offer support, information and tools to help people learn about, prepare for and handle divorce and the issues surrounding it.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Divorce360 fills a large gap (the divorce market is huge). Up until now there really hasn’t been a site which discusses divorce and offers as many resources for divorcees or about to be divorcees. 360 is thorough; it goes through all stages and takes into consideration all aspects of a divorce.

Some Questions About

Those contemplating divorce won’t do themselves any favors by visiting the site and not clearing their cache. If the SO or even a child finds out by accident, the situation could be much worse. Is this site too cynical? Is their focus on cheating spouses too narrow?


Author : Siri Marshall

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