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WebPlanner.comTrue to its name, Web Planner is a management tool that works on the browser from start to finish. Using it, you will be able to set down tasks and priorities, and have them assigned to the team that you work with. Each member will be instantly notified about these tasks that have been assigned to him, and you will get to know when the task has been successfully carried to completion.


Of course, each project that you are working on can have multiple files associated to it, and traded between you and all the member of your team. And something that I find more than interesting is how each project can be plotted in advance by using graphs and charts. You will effectively be able to schedule your whole project by using a dynamic Gantt chart, highlighting dependencies and the critical path you and your team will have to take into consideration.

And Web Planner also comes with features like an activity feed and a status list for knowing what each team member is up to at all times. These are all vital features if you think about it, so it is good to see they have not been neglected. In Their Own Words

Webplanner is an online collaborative project management tool. Use the power of the cloud to brainstorm project goals, phases, tasks, and multiple levels of subtasks with your team.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fully-featured application that you can use for free while the site is in beta.

Some Questions About

When will prices be announced? Will the company go for a tiered approach?


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