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WebControlRoom.comWhat if there was a way to have all the core information provided by services and applications like Mail Chimp, Xero and Google Analytics brought into the same page? That’s something no discerning small business owner would ever say “no” to. And that’s what this new service does, both quickly and freely. Web Control Room can go through all of the services that you have to use on an average day at work, gather together the most important information in each and every of them, and then lay it out for you in a tidy screen


The full list of supported services includes Google Feedburner, Google Search Positions Google Analytics, Mailchimp, SiteUptime, AWeber, Xero, Pingdom and Klout. I’m sure most of these names ring a bell, and you know already that practically no angle of the business process is left unattended. From the uptime of your servers (as monitored by Pingdom and SiteUptime) and the reach of your newsletters (Mailchimp, AWeber) to the revenue that’s being generated (Xero), Web Control Room is an all-in-one service. And the more popular it gets, then the more services that will be supported in the future.

Using Web Control Room is a real pleasure, with color-coded charts that show you how well (or not) things are going at a glance.

Registration to Web Control Room is free, and you can sign up for your very own account here. And the site is Facebook-connected, so that you can sign in using your social network account, too. In Their Own Words

Web Control Room (beta) is a free tool that provides a 1-page summary of how you are tracking by talking to the systems you use in your business.

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What if you want a slightly longer report? Wouldn’t it make sense if you could set that down manually, and have reports with 2 or 3 pages?


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