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Uencounter.meWhat would happen if you could create a map with all the people that you encounter on a representative day of your life? Would that be full of contacts and connections? Or would the map look mostly flat? This new web service is going to let you figure that out, once and for all. lets you keep track of all the people that’s ever come into your life. It lets you put all of them into an easy-to-search map, and get in touch with those who could do something for you (either personally or professionally) in the blink of an eye.


You just have to add the data of any significant encounter that you’ve ever had to your own Uencounter map. You do that one contact at a time. And then, by having your map shared with other users of the service you’ll get to realize how many experiences in common both of you have.

And on you can also find missed connections. You can do that by creating an “encounter-point” of the place you’d originally chanced upon each other, and then posting an inquiry. Uencounter is then going to look at all the other encounter points that have been created. If a match is found, you’ll be immediately notified. In Their Own Words

On any given day throughout our lives, we encounter individuals that leave a mark on our memory. Find and connect with the people you have encountered in your life.

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Isn’t this a service that job seekers could be greatly benefitted by? Am I the only one thinking that there’s some seriously untapped potential here?


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