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TwitChuck.comForget about “To be or not to be”. That is not the question.


Rather, we should ask ourselves “Who to follow and who to leave to his own devices on Twitter?”. And I am not exaggerating. There are just too many people who feel the same way, and if you don’t believe it simply have a look at the endless sites that let you figure out whether that Twitter user is worth it, or he is as alluring as a cucumber. This site is a fine exponent.

In essence, all you have to do is supply a username and it will be analyzed. Once the analysis has been taken care of, a numeric score will be there and then displayed for you to have a good representation of how spammy that particular person is. Aspects such as how often that person starts conversations and how often he or she responds are taken into account, and the technologies employed include JQuery and (of course) the Twitter API.

The site has recently launched, and you can tell by looking at the layout and design it has – it is pedestrian at best, it doesn’t even feature a proper logo. Still, that is just an aesthetic consideration. The site fulfills its aim correctly, and those weighing up who to follow and who to stay on the run from will have something to mull over here. In Their Own Words

“Hate Twitter spam? TwitChuck allows you to easily check a Twitter user before you follow.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that makes Twitter a smoother tool and frees it from spam is welcome.

Some Questions About

How accurate are the figures you can arrive at through the site? How can they become even more accurate?


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