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ThunderTask.comUbidesk, Planner, Conceptboard, PlanDone… we have featured so many tools for organizing teamwork here on KillerStartups that just reading the full list of names could put you to sleep. And new ones keep on being released. is thee latest to become available.


In general, we can say that ThunderTask is a simple tool for professional collaboration. It does without the more advanced features that other productivity tools usually have, and the focus is kept on creating a task, assigning it and seeing that it’s completed when it should. ThunderTask works on the browser from start to finish, and the app comes with a really streamlined interface that leaves you in no doubt about what does what. An online tutorial can be taken if you want to, and it’s good that such a thing is provided. But I’m sure few will need to take it before they’re using ThunderTask.

Personally, I think it’s great to see a team collaboration tool which is so simple to use. With so many apps that come packed with features only those who employ enough people to build an Airbus would need, a service that takes a more down-to-earth approach is certainly appealing. You can sign up for free here, and see whether you also find ThunderTask as refreshing as I did or not. In Their Own Words

ThunderTask is a simple and powerful tool which helps you manage all your tasks and projects. Organize your life & work with an easy to use task manager.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t ThunderTask be marketed as an app for non-profits and small business owners first of all? Aren’t these the kind of users who would embrace it more readily?


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