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TagLauncher.comMessy desktops are a burden to computer users worldwide. You like to download, get the latest iTunes updates and cool torrents.


You upload pictures of your latest jaunt into the Black Forest or the back yard. And before you know it, your little serene waterfall/sunset/red desert at sunset/mountain peak just at sunrise desktop is barely visible among the heaps of files and useless ephemera floating along. TagLauncher provides a Web 2.0 Solution to the messy desktop. In the webosphere these days, things are organized into tags so that they are easy to find and a lot less messy. TagLauncher is a Windows-only downloadable application that’ll help you tag files and place them in virtual folders for accessible storage. That way, if you need the file again later, you can search by tag instead of file name (because face it, file names are hard to remember). The download is free or $!4.99 for the pro version. In Their Own Words

“TagLauncher is a better way to classify your files and find them. By tagging, you put files in virtual folders but files are not limited to be in one of them. It means similar tags makes files similar, therefore finding them will be easier.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

TagLauncher is a great free tool that’ll help you organize your desktop. Tags are much easier to search than actual file names and most web users are accustomed to tags. Why not integrate tagging onto the desktop as well?

Some Questions About

What about Mac users? Will people want to download this? Is it as efficient as it promises?


Author : Bruce Turner

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