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MyHomepage.comAs you can guess by looking at its name, My Homepage is one of these resources that will let you personalize the way you deal with the WWW by creating a start page that reflects who you are, or your biggest interests at the very least.


By signing up (for free), you can gather all your favorite sites in a personalized homepage that will become accessible from just wherever you are.

That is another clear advantage of services like this one: they let you have access to you collection of bookmarks from any place you are located in. The only thing you will need is a web-enabled device. And note that you can share your favorite sites with others in a flash, too – the link named “Email a friend” will let you do exactly that.

Additionally, this website can act as a password manager for all your most recurrent logins. You can use the site in order to access these sites that you can’t do without, and never worry about misplacing or forgetting a password altogether. In Their Own Words

“Your personalized homepage and online password manager for all your favorite bookmarks and logins.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you access your favourite sites from just anywhere, without even having to remember the passwords at all.

Some Questions About

Does this run on every browser whatsoever?


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