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VidSchool.comVidSchool is an educational platform that has one simple aim: enabling teachers to provide tutoring sessions without having to incur into the expenses or the trouble of building their own websites. That is, VidSchool focuses on pre-recorded classes that are suitable for all levels – both children and grown-ups could benefit for them.


And parents of these students under 18 are also able to track the way their children are progressing. In this way, they can know about the learning environment their little ones are immersed in, as well as checking attendance. That is achieved via the provided VidSchool parenting analytics package.

The most obvious advantage of an approach like this one is that students can choose what to learn and how to learn it. Most notably, the student can choose when he wants to get down to the task at hand. While this can be counterproductive in some cases (many people can only study and learn under duress), I think the vast majority of individuals could benefit from a site like this one. The system will work wonderfully as long as they are diligent enough. In Their Own Words

“VidSchool is determined to become the ultimate online portal for learning anything from Algebra to Zoology. We bring teachers and students together in one location to learn and teach on their own terms, in their own time.

VidSchool students can decide on what subject they would like to learn, search through the VidSchool website to find a teacher who teaches that subject and start learning straight away. This also allows students to study and learn at times that are convenient to them rather than fit into someone elses schedule, from the comfort of their own home.

Teachers can pre-record their classes for any subject they specialise in, upload a class or a whole course to VidSchool and start teaching students all over the world immediately. With pre-recorded content, teachers are also able to continue providing expertise to students all over the world while they actually sleep.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Notwithstanding the spread of the Internet, the online tutoring market still has some growth to experience. Sites like this one are obviously going to vie for the attention of the public.

Some Questions About

Are teachers paid for their services?


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