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Pixsy.comWant to know what your favourite celebrities are up to? Or who won the Decathlon gold medal in the Panamerican Games? Or just want to check out some cool pictures? Then visit, it is a site that provides you with photos, videos and the latest news from around the world, putting together stories from many sources like USA TODAY, AP, Reuters, Gettyimages, and the always welcome paparazzi picture of Brangelina eating out.


You can also search for any pictures from the year´s top events like the Oscar, the Super Bowl and the Emmy. And if you ha ve a Blog, you can add a Pixsy thumbnail to show the latest photos of your interest. In Their Own Words

“Pixsy is a media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines for websites. Image and video content across the web is aggregated in the form of thumbnail images and is organized within the Pixsy index using proprietary technology. The content is then distributed through a variety of publisher branded image and video search engines, portals, widgets, and thumbnail feeds. The Pixsy index is populated with the latest images and videos from RSS feeds, enabling us to deliver the freshest content available on the web, as well as traditional crawled material. Pixsy can customize complete vertical image and video search engines on material from any set of publicly available URL’s for any type of website publisher.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides you the top news around the world, just one click away, without having to visit all the news websites. They are used as sources in a fun and organized website.

Some Questions About

Will they increase the number of sources? How will it compete with some of them?


Author : Irene Davids

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