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GrooveShark.comGrooveshark is a legal p2p service which pays you for sharing your music online. All music is DRM-free and, due to the p2p nature of the service, you’ll be able to find virtually any song you can possibly imagine.


Grooveshark also offers social networking features and on-demand unlimited streaming, as well as easy-to-use functionality. A small application handles uploads and downloads, as this is necessary in order to manage the p2p nature of the site. Grooveshark offers an intriguing alternative to the illegal networks, as well, as all of the added benefits of the service make the money spent worthwhile. In Their Own Words

“Grooveshark, a peer-to-peer music file-sharing community that brokers music transactions between members, is a service of Escape Media Group, Inc. By charging for the songs exchanged between members on its site, Grooveshark will compensate copyright holders

and users while providing the convenience and selection of P2P file sharing in an online music community. All Grooveshark users are able to play the songs they purchase on any type of computer or digital music player. By leveraging the advantages of many of the current industry leading P2P networks, and adding their own spice to the recipe, EMG is creating a system that is truly beneficial to music fans, artists, and creative rights owners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Grooveshark offers so much more than the competition that it could make one incredulous as to why it hasn’t been done thus far. Other services have tried to offer mere parts of what Grooveshark offers, but have done so in a limited or incomplete way.

Some Questions About

Why do you have to make an account to download music? This slows the process.

Right now we are in a private Beta, so in order to control growth, and develop the features for our full release, we are asking that all users request a Beta account to help us with our development.


Author : Steve Dixon

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