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20MinuteNap.comEvery 9-5er is familiar with the phrase “power nap”. Whether you prefer the post-lunch crash or the “Whoops, that was decaf” midmorning zonk-out, 20MinuteNap.


com can aid you in your quest for the perfect power nap. Just head to their site, hit the “play” button on the large ipod graphic, and get your snore on. 20MinuteNap provides you with a free stream of soothing songs which the site claims will lull you into a soporific state in minutes. At the end, a loud wake-up call reminds you that unfortunately, it’s time to get back to work.. All nap sessions last 20 minutes, give or take, and every day there is a new medley of music. Like what you’re hearing? The site will link you over to iTunes to purchase the songs. If you think a certain song belongs on the playlist, you can suggest it on the site. Want more? Sign up to nap on a daily basis with the soon-to-be-introduced “Schedule A Nap feature”, which will send you an email reminding you that it’s time to doze off. You can even send a nap to a stressed-out friend or have your business sponsor a snooze session. In Their Own Words

“® was created to spread the power and benefit of the 20 minute nap across the globe through the use of music and the internet. With the ability to reach the connected world, we are able to give everyone across the world the gift of nap. A power nap has many benefits for the mind and body and can provide many benefits to an individual’s life. The art behind the time constraint of “20 minutes” has been studied for many years and is the ideal amount of time for the body to rest during the day to reach maximum benefit. It is our goal to provide the world with precisely 20 minutes worth of soothing, nap tested music every day of the week.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site really is perfect for anyone worn down by the daily grind. The songs are as relaxing as the site claims – I tried it myself and passed out right here in my armchair. Because the site caters to the corporate world by targeting sleep deprived 9-5’ers, it has cleverly provided itself with a link to investment and sponsorship; the site already offers a “Sponsor a Nap” feature in which companies can personalize a commercial to be played at the end of the session. Should the site become successful, its ample opportunities for advertising should generate considerable revenue.

Some Questions About

Is this site really worth it? Why wouldn’t someone just use their “Sleep” playlist on their ipod?


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