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JustAnswer.comWhen you need answers fast, where do you go? Most likely a search engine, help forum, wiki, or other online database of official and unofficial information. Then you have to spend time looking through links and message board posts, finding one that answers your question, and ask yourself if you can trust the opinion.


Now you have a better way to answer your questions: The site lets you enter a question and name a price you will pay an expert to have it answered. For example, you might ask whether it’s best to give your baby a vitamin solution, and you might offer $15. Then a list of experts appear, and you wait while they try to answer your question. You can read a short bio for each expert, and also there is a feedback report from question-askers. You have to register to use the site and set up an account for payment. It’s easy to use. JustAnswer charges the answer-giver %50 of the payment he receives, so in this way the site brings in some revenue. In Their Own Words

So, give us a try! Just type your question on our home page, name your price, and let the experts do the rest. I think you’ll be surprised by the quality of their advice, and the speed with which they respond. Or, maybe you’re an expert in your field and you want to share your knowledge with others. Just look through our Question List, and if you find yourself answering the questions with ease, put your skills to work by applying to become a Just Answer expert.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If the quality of the answers is good, JustAnswer might become the next popular source of online wisdom. It’s smart because it allows people to choose what they pay, so users aren’t forced to consider whether it’s worth the cost, because they decide.

Some Questions About

Although the answers are given by “experts,” this doesn’t really make their advice official or trustworthy. JustAnswer will have to work to ensure the quality of the advice given on their site.


Author : Bruce Turner

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